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An employee benefit designed to
provide support with adult & eldercare

Many of your employees will be balancing their professional role alongside a caring role for loved ones. These employees are dedicated husbands, wives, sons, daughters, relatives, friends or neighbours, who give up their time to provide for someone in need.

Balancing a caring role with work responsibilities is emotionally and physically demanding, often to the detriment of your employees’ own health. This has a clear and measurable impact on your staff’s wellbeing, attendance and productivity. Statistics show those fulfilling a caring role outside of work are twice as likely to experience long-term sickness and absence.

Help improve
employee wellbeing

Support an Open,
Trusting Work Environment

Employee Stress

Improve focus
and productivity

Help retain
key talent

undisclosed absence

Benefits to your Employees

Social careline is a proactive and practical service that can be used daily by your working carers and their partners as an extra layer of adult and elder care support, helping to improve their work life balance and general peace of mind.

All it takes is a little bit of planning…

Who is it for?

It is a robust support system for those employees who fulfil a role where it is deemed inappropriate or a health a safety issue to have or use their phones whilst on duty.

It is also used as a safety net for employees with access to their phones should that unplanned meeting run over, you’re simply running late or just can’t get to the phone during work that day.

Although Social Careline has not been designed to replace direct communication it does offer an extra layer of support and peace of mind when needs must.

What’s included?

Social Careline, used as an employee benefit, is a natural fit alongside your existing employee wellbeing strategy.

In addition to dedicated client support, we deliver high quality training onsite, supporting literature and quarterly usage reporting.

If you would like more information on how your business can use Social Careline to proactively support your employees and improve employee wellbeing, please call us or provide contact details in the form below.

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